The right personnel, At the right time, And the right price.

Founded in 1990, Al – Qureshi International Trading Corp. specialises providing recruitment services to companies in the Middle East particularly Saudi Arabia. In the last 18 years, we have handled assignments of many companies in Saudi Arabia and most of them still use our services regularly .
Over the years, we have grown steadily in highly competitive market, providing a wide spectrum of manpower (un-skilled, semi-skilled, skilled, technical, managerial and professional to a large variety of clients - hospitals, clinics, hotels maintenance, construction, airports, pipeline, steel mills, caterers, fast food restaurants, dairy processing plants, tyre manufacturers, Refineries, interior decorators, farms and many more.
We owe our success to our professional credentials and our determination to see all jobs through to a successful end.
Our office is in Lahore and have full-fledged infrastructure to provide the best of services to our clients, including obtaining discounted rates at deluxe hotels, airport pick-up and transfer, and airline ticketing through our office. We are staffed with qualified personnel who have ling years of experience in handling overseas recruitment in the Middle East, and we are equipped with computers for instant information sourcing, document control and for maintaining a large data bank of prospective candidates. This help us in handling large volumes of multiple assignments simultaneously, cutting down delays to a negligible minimum.
We can get permission from the Government of Pakistan to advertise, interview and recruit candidates in any major city of Pakistan.
Our office is ideally located for manpower recruitment.
Lahore, the commercial capital of Punjab Province, is also the capital of the most industrialized province, is also the capital of the most industrialised province in Pakistan-Punjab. It is well-connected by air to all the major cities of Pakistan.
Lahore, the commercial capital of the Punjab Province, is home to rapidly growing informatics industry, hotels, hospitals and universities.
So, the next time you need manpower, call on the professionals – Al-Qureshi International Trading Corp. Whatever be the nature of your business and whatever be the type of manpower you require, we will fine them for you at the right time, and the right price.


The General Manager of the firm is in-charge of handling recruitment business with educational qualification as a graduate from University with 18 years experience in recruitment business. The source of making candidates available is through advertisement in local newspaper and their bio-data are collected for specified demand. Our personnel work on regular basis and handle the applications with an office spread into large area. Any demand can be catered within short period with the help of record maintained in our office. We have credit of recruiting thousands of workers from medical, engineering and supervisory level to highly skilled, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled categories.
Recruitment expenses, salaries, terms and conditions are negotiable.
Feedback on job order status with the principle is based on the volume of the business.We normally take 4 to 7 weeks in sending the manpower from the date of receiving the original visa documents.


First all applications are sorted out and classified in our office and then interviews take place of the outstanding candidates. While making selection, all aspects of suitability of a candidates like health, character, demeanor and pervious record are kept in view.


Those selected in the interview, are then trade tested in relevant workshop/institutions recognized for the purpose by the Government.
Persons selected in trade test are presented to the employer for final approval or we do selection ourselves.
The technical and educational certificates issued by the Govt or recognized agencies support the documents of the candidate.
The time required for screening technical personnel is one week.
The ability of the agent comes with experience, along with the highly qualified personnel on the panel. This guarantees the right selection of the right people for the specified job.


We have excellent relations with Royal Consulates and visa-stamping time normally given by the consulate is two weeks.


Our company is registered with the Govt. of Pakistan (manpower division) by License No. 1853/LHR.
Every selected applicant is insured before he leaves for his specified job abroad and original insurance certificate is handed over to him before his departure. We would feel honored by trail demand to prove our claim of .


Thanks & best regards,

Waseem Qureshi,
General Manager